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What is Intuition?

Intuition is a person’s capacity to obtain or have direct knowledge and/or immediate insight, without observation or reason. It’s the “gut feeling” you get. People often place an enormous amount of faith on their intuition, even making decisions that seem to go against all available evidence.

Everyone experiences intuition daily as we encounter different situations in our lives. It is essential to understand that intuition is often referred to as cognition without evident rational thought and inference.

We can use intuition to help us sort through some of our life challenges. For example, I am struggling with the idea of changing my current career. I am a skilled web developer, program director, and instructor. However, my primary profession is in web development; whereas, I am finding that my heart wants to be a teacher.

Our inner core (also intuition) is always speaking to us. Sometimes we listen, and other times we ignore our own inner thoughts. We can use our intuition to help resolve problems and make difficult decisions.

How Do We Use It?

We use intuition to communicate with ourselves. For example, I had applied for a web design position in December of 2018. My inner core was telling me to apply for this job to get a feel of where I was in the web design job market. At the same time, my feeling about doing web design was not very strong. I applied for the job and did well in the interview. I was simply going with the flow of the process. However, when doing a run-through of the business and the company motto, unconsciously, I was feeling uneasy. At the time, I was not able to understand my feelings; whereas, later, I used my intuition to solve the dilemma that made me uncomfortable with the company.

My conversation with myself went something like this:

Me: Do I really want to work here?

My Intuition: No.

Me: Why not?

Intuition: Something does not feel right.

Me: The company does excellent work, and they are looking for the best, and that would be me!

Intuition: That is true; however, they have very high expectations, and it is clear from the owner of the company that they are extreme workaholics.

My conclusion, after having a discussion with my inner core, the position was not the right fit for me. Even though I had the talent and skills to meet the job description, the company culture was not a good fit for my personality.

We can use intuition to have conversations with ourselves if we take the time to pay attention to our inner thoughts and feelings. When we question our intuition, sometimes we can discover the answer to why something makes us feel a certain way.

How Do We Improve Our Intuition?

Acknowledge your inner core and how you feel.

Spend time asking your fundamental core questions and thinking about the answers.

Meditate when utilizing your inner core to resolve issues you are facing.

Write down your discussions or inner core messages.

It is essential to understand when we are feeling uncomfortable, and our inner core is afraid, this does not always mean something is wrong or bad. For example, I get nervous when I try new things I have never done before. It is natural for our inner core to react with fear when we are faced with something new. This does not mean we should not do it. Evaluating why you feel afraid will help you determine how you can overcome your fears.

It is essential to determine when our intuition is saying something to warn us or if it is merely a reaction. Determine and decide if the fear you are experiencing is rational and irrational.

Using Intuition to Make Decisions

Question your inner core and answer with yes or no. 

Me: Should I explore other career opportunities?

Intuition: Yes

Me: Should I consider web design?

Intuition: Maybe

Me: Should I consider teaching?

Intuition: Yes, but…

Once you have asked all your questions, start drawing an outline of your answers. The last problem I demonstrated above, my intuition answers yes with a but… Some solutions may require additional thoughts if the answer is maybe or ends with a but…

Evaluating Your Intuition Answers

The next step would be to question the answers.

Me: Why should I consider web design for a career?

Intuition: Because you are skilled and have over 15 years of experience.

Me: Why should I not consider web design for a career?

Intuition: Your heart is not into it, and it is not your passion.

Use your questions and answers to weigh the pros and cons of the decision you want to make. Be sure to dig deep when asking why you should or should not do something.

Decision-Making Worksheet

We have developed worksheets you can use to help you utilize your intuition to help you make better decisions. Use the sheet to focus on one topic or idea at a time.

Download Decision-Making Worksheet

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