June Nature Adventures

Family Fun Day in Nature

Flowers and Gardens

Plant a garden or potted flowers around the yard. Some fun ideas are to plant fruits and vegetables in pots around the porch and watch them grow. Plant an apple tree, raspberry bush, or strawberry patch.

Picnic and the Park

Grab a blanket, some finger foods, and head off to the park and have a picnic. Don’t forget sunscreen and bug spray. Spending time outdoors allows restless kids to release some energy and breath in some fresh air.

Going to the Zoo

Explore and learn about different types of animals by going to a zoo or aquarium. Write the names of all the animals and take a photo. Be sure to add a short description of the critter in view. Create a scrapbook of the trip. Now you have your own animal book.

Coloring the Sidewalk

Use each section of the sidewalk as a canvas and think of different themes for each section. Turn the pavement into a work of art.

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