What makes you valuable?

Things in your life that make you valuable

We are all valuable in some way or another. How we view, our value is what matters the most. Whitney Houston sang the “Greatest Love of All” referring to the greatest love is learning to love yourself. Enable us to love ourselves; we have to acknowledge our worth and value.

Explore different words that describe you and then order them how in three different categories.

How others see in you.

How your friends and family see in you.

How your friends and family see in you.

How you view your own values.

Once you have categorized your words in each section, you will see some repeated. Those are your top values. Lingering words suggest areas that could use improvement. Perhaps there are some values you want to add to your life. You could create a fourth category and list the traits you wish to have.

Some words you may want to list are:

Adventurous, calm, in control, active in the community, creative, joyful, curious, compassionate, disciplined, empathetic, enthusiastic, aim for excellence, free, faithful, generous, family-oriented, healthy, fit, honest, fun, independent, honorable, fair, leader, loyal, open, listener, positive, practical, realistic, reliable, sensitive, simple, strong, tolerant, and trusting.

 You can add your own too.

Let’s Discuss!

What traits do you want to remove from your life?

What traits do you want to be added?

What about traits that you feel need improvements?

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