Summertime for Kitty

Getting Kitty Ready for Summer

Summertime brings a lot of health risks for the kitty in/outdoors. It doesn’t matter if kitty is only indoors; there are still risks.

Fleas, ticks, and parasites can still find their way into the home. We try our best to keep our homes clean and safe from risks; however, we have limited ability to keep our home foolproof.

Here are some tips to get kitty ready for summer

Fresh cool water

If your kitty is indoors, then the water supply will be okay. If your kitty is outdoor, you need to provide fresh, clean, cold water for kitty daily.

Out of the sun

Kitty still needs a place out of the sun to cool off during hot summer months. Some cats enjoy a beautiful cool spot on the patio. I have put up a mister fan for my dogs during the warm months. If you are struggling with indoor heat, use fans to help keep kitty cool.

Leave Kitty at home

Do not travel with your kitty and leave them in the car during warm weather. If you are traveling with kitty, be sure the air conditioner is on, or windows are open and plenty of ventilation.

Proof check those screens

Indoor kitties can accidentally get out if there is a hole in the screen. Test check your screens before opening windows and check monthly for tears or punctures.

Vaccinate your kitty

I recommend vaccinating indoor/outdoor kitties. There are some vaccinations I do not do for my indoor kitties. Outdoor kitties should get the complete necessary vaccinations.

Health Check

Get your kitty checked with the vet, and do not forget to get dewormed and parasite preventatives, including indoor cats too!

Exploring outdoors

I have a cat tent and harnesses for my cats. My ragdoll is not a fan, but Buddy, my Lynx-Siamese, loves being outdoors. Remember to supervise your kitties if they are temporarily outside in a confined area. Nothing wrong with letting kitty get some fresh air.

What are some extra preventatives you perform to prepare for summer?

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