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Eating Healthy Nom Noms

Eating healthier has a lot of great benefits. If you are exercising, eating healthier foods will allow your body to properly absorb the right nutrients and add the right mass (muscles).

If you have a habit of eating processed food, now is an excellent time to start journaling your eating habits. Document and compare the amount of natural fresh foods eat per day to processed food.

My Story

I grew up with a mom that was a single woman raising four kids. I was the oldest of the four. Because our finances were tight, we ate a lot of processed foods. I found myself not eating, and most of what my mother cooked made me sick. So, for example, I could eat canned soup for a few days, and after that, I would start getting sick. I also had issues with makeup, soaps, shampoo, foods, pop, so forth. I remember back in my mid-20s, I grew addicted to Pepsi. After a few months, I started feeling sick. It was a kind of sickness I could not explain (felt like I had heavy content in my stomach). Due to my ill-feeling, I decided to stop drinking Pepsi and went cold turkey. After about a month, I started feeling better. Since then, I never drink Pepsi. Time to time, I drink soda or ginger ale.

I spent a lifetime trying to understanding why I would not eat. It wasn’t until my early forties would I find the right doctor that was a bit concerned with my eating habits and had me tested. We found out I had allergies to preservatives (parabens). Preservatives are used in our foods, drinks, beauty supplies, shampoo, laundry soap, and processed foods.

After making the discovery, I had to change what I use, drink, eat, so forth. In the beginning, it was hard because everything contained some form of preservatives, even the natural or organic made items (also includes homemade products).

Search and Shop Healthier Products

Companies are starting to remove some of the harmful chemicals out of the products. Preservatives extend the product lifetime, allowing them to sit on the shelf for months, sometimes years. Fresh cut fruits are sprinkled with chemicals also used for canning. I know for a fact preservative are used because it was making me sick.

We live in a world that is full of human-made chemicals, and nature is slowly rejecting our desire to mass-produce goods. Our bodies do not tolerate engineered chemical products.

I am not saying you should altogether avoid all preservatives, and we should start going 100% natural, although that would be ideal. What I am saying is since changing my life because of my allergy, my skin is healthier, and my body has more energy. I have to eat homemade foods. 

It doesn’t mean I never eat processed foods. I try only to buy foods without artificial coloring/flavoring/preservatives. Lately, it has been getting more accessible and also more expensive. Eating and living healthy comes with a price.

Learn to budget it and work with what you got.

Mason/canning jars are a life savior for me when storing cooked and fresh foods. You would be surprised how long the food will last in jars. So get rid of those plastic things and stock up on canning jars. They are great for storing leftovers or food in general. I currently have my homemade chili in a jar for lunch tomorrow.

So start your journey today and pay attention to what you buy, eat, and use. I cannot tell you how many times people ask me what my secret is for looking young for my age. The secret is avoiding chemicals as much as possible.

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