Spring Cleaning

Steps to Spring Cleaning

Step One – Declutter

De-cluttering the home is the worst part of spring cleaning. However, without the time to de-clutter, the cleaning process is not complete or successful. Start with the closets and work your way to drawers and cabinets. Start boxing things that need to be relocated, tossed out, or sold in a garage sale. Start grouping and preparing for organizing.

Step Two – Organize

Your next task is to organize areas of the house. Without organization, clutter begins to build, and things start overflowing, and you will feel chaos when items become overwhelming. Start organizing every area of the house and putting things in order.

Step Three – Cleaning Supplies

Before you start cleaning, get your cleaning supplies ready. Make sure you have everything you need to begin the cleaning process.

Step Four – Start cleaning areas of your house. Clean inside cabinets, drawers, closets, pantry, and other regions. Wipe everything down, such as appliances, home decoration, windows, fans, trimming, doors, and more.

Where to Start

Kitchen – Start with the cabinet, appliances, and refrigerator. Then start tapping into the drawers and pantry. Once you have all the internal things cleaned, start working on external areas of the kitchen such as outer refrigerator, microwave, stove range, countertops, and decorations.

Living and Family Room – Living spaces need deep cleaning as pets, children, guests, and households often use these areas. Plan to give your furniture a good scrubbing, shampoo carpets, wash all blankets and pet beddings. Don’t forget to wipe down electronics, decorations, windows, trimmings, and doors.

Bedrooms – Go through your linen and pair up sheets with pillowcases and quilts. I keep all my bedding in a single bag, so they stay together rather than randomly stacking them on shelves. Go through clothes, shoes, and store away out of season items. Give your closet a good cleaning and wipe down everything, including windows, doors, furniture, electronics, and shampoo carpet. If you have a hardwood floor, give your floor a good cleaning and move your furniture.

Bathrooms – I find that bathrooms tend to get really dusty for some reason, and water build-up in sinks and showers tend to start setting in. Get some Lime-Away and let sinks and showers soak. You can also try vinegar and baking soda for stubborn stains. Check under the sink for leaks, polish all brass, scrub down tiles, wash curtains, clean blinds, and give the floor a scrub brush cleaning. Bathroom floors are often dirty with build-up. Don’t forget to wipe trimming.

Laundry Room – This room usually gets neglected but needs attention also. Pull out the dryer and clean out the lint, wipe down washer/dryer, check for leaks, and give the interior a good wiping. Front-loaders need a good cleaning as well. I prefer washing my washer with vinegar and clean every week. It helps prevent mold and soap build-up.

Storage Room – If you have a storage room, it would be an excellent idea to re-organize and clean the storage room for dirt and dust. I also suggest cleaning utility rooms.

Appliances – Use this time to wipe down your vacuum, mop, other machines. Get them looking new again.

Good luck with your spring cleaning.

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