Spring Allergies

Spring Nightmare

When spring arrives, we are excited because the weather is warming up, and we have an opportunity to finally return to the outdoors (those that live in colder areas). However, it also brings misery for some people and pets.

Seasonal allergies are terrible and can be a burden to prevent you from going outside. If you struggle with seasonal allergies, there are precautions you can take to ease the symptoms.

This month we will talk about taking control of your allergies.
Rather than staying indoors, talk to your doctor about options you can use to help decrease your triggers — for example, allergy medication, nasal spray, air purifier in the home.

Whenever I have an outdoor allergy reaction, I always rinse my sinus out when I return indoors. Rinsing helps decrease the long term aftermath from returning indoors.

Air purifiers help me, and they might not be ideal for everyone. I find they decrease the number of floating particles in the air, which reduces my allergy reaction. I have two cats and a dog, so it is required.

During high pollen season limit outdoors but also keep everything washed, including yourself and your clothing. Handle with care once you have returned indoors. Air purifiers can help reduce the floating pollen in the air.

Change your home air filters can make a significant difference in the air quality in the home.

Keep pets groomed more often. Spring season means shedding season; your pets may lose the extra fur over the cold winter months.

I am a firm believer that one should never allow their health obstacles to keep you from enjoying life. I will try alternative methods as much as possible to enjoy my spring months.

Be careful if your area had a wet winter season as the ground can create certain types of outdoor mold that can trigger asthma and allergies.

Happy spring, and share some of your methods on how you cope with allergy season!

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