Occupational Wellness

Improving Your Career Life

Occupational wellness is not a single definition or idea. Overall it is the balance between work and leisure time while balancing workload and stress. There are ways you can limit your work stress and keep your occupational wellness at an optimum level.

The Dimension of Wellness

When focusing on our wellness, we are trying to keep a healthy balance in our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. It also includes social, emotional, environmental, occupational, intellectual, and physical wellness.

Things That Affect Our Occupational Wellness

1. Work environment and design
I currently work in a micromanaging climate with my single supervisor. It has affected me mentally, emotionally, and physically. The work environment should be open communication.

2. Work hours and time off allowed 
Most people get burned out if they work too many hours and do not take enough time to balance their personal lives. I work with a supervisor that is an extreme workaholic. There are good and bad days. The issue is when there is a bad day, it can sometimes turn into a high strung day.

3. Lack of social support 
There is minimal support in my work environment with my supervisor because she believes that work is work, and you do what you are told. There is no idea sharing, innovation, creativity at all. It is all done exactly the way she wants and see it fits even if it is not a practical approach.

4. The conflict between work and family commitments
I honestly do not have this issue thank goodness one great thing about my supervisor; she is supportive when I need to attend to personal matters to keep the stress load at an optimal level. She, too, tends to take personal time if required, just not enough.

5. Fairness and justice at work
This does not exist in my work environment. I work in a very tight, controlled ship. Ideas and suggestions are heard; however, often pushed aside as by one captain running the entire ship.

6. Layoffs and economic insecurity
This is a common issue for a lot of people, and even my workplace is experiencing this. I have found myself getting nervous because several administrators just one day disappear without any announcement. Most that worked ten plus years have retired or moved onto a new job. This can be stressful for those still left behind.

7. Health insurance and benefits
One of the main reasons I still work at my job. Despite being part-time, I get full benefits and health insurance. 

If you are like me finding that you no longer enjoy your job, you need to evaluate what is not working, what you want, and what can be changed to make it better. I dread the micromanaging environment.

Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do to change the situation. When you work for a single supervisor, and you are the only worker under them, you have no choice but to ride the boat how they see it fits. I also had to assess if I wanted to continue in my actual career. 

I had applied for several jobs and noticed that my ambition to pursue my career has faded. The spark and fire are no longer there. Sometimes a place will do that you have an experience that can kill your drive to want to pursue a specific field or career. 

 I remember when I first started, I was excited and ambitious. I couldn’t wait to work my way to the top. Five years later, I am still working at the internship level. Ridiculous.

First, you have to determine, do you still love what you do? If so, then start networking, start improving your skills for your resume, and start job searching for some opportunities.

If you are like me, you no longer want to continue with your career, think about returning to college, find something that is appealing and start working towards gaining skills in that area.

I chose to go back to school and to change my career completely. I am now feeling excited and ambitious about my future.

Improving the Current Environment

Although we cannot always change things to make it functional or better for ourselves. There are other things we can do to make the environment better until we find a place that works for us.

Add plants to your workplace to keep the air fresh and reduce stress.

Add colors on the wall to enhance your mood.

Improve your lighting and try to avoid fluorescent by adding incandescent lights, skylights, or windows.

Make sure your office is not causing more stress and allows you comfort.

Improve your work technology so you can work effectively and efficiently.

Here are some things I did so far. I do not access to sunlight or window, so plants are not always ideal in my situation. However, I do have an air purifier to help clean the air in my office area.

Instead of panel cubicles, consider glass cubicles, so you feel are more space.

I add daily work inspiration to my wall or bookshelf to remind me to stay focused, positive, and work through my mood for the day.

Share with us some of your ideas and stress factors related to work.

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