Monthly Home Safety Check

Keeping Your Home Safe

Checking your home for safety can prevent dangers for you and your household. Here are some tips to help you improve your home safety.

  1. Check for loose or frayed wires
  2. Cord safety – should not run under rugs or across doorways
  3. Baby-Proof – cover all unused outlets
  4. Extension Cords – consider adding outlets where you rely on extension cords
  5. Check for faulty electrical systems – Feel outlets and plugs to see if they are too warm
  6. Do not overload systems – Follow manufacturers’ guides of maximum wattage in bulbs and outlet plugs
  7. Examine outside vents – should be adequately sealed and clear of obstructions to prevent carbon monoxide build-up
  8. Check wood stoves – be sure there is clear airway and do not have a build-up
  9. Inspect Wood Burning Stoves – twice-monthly make sure door latches closed and the room has a working smoke detector.
  10. Inspect water heater annually – set the temperature no higher than 120. Keep items away from them.
  11. Install and check smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors and make sure they are working. One should be in all rooms of the house.
  12. Place extinguishers strategically – keep one in the kitchen and one on every floor. Learn how to use them.
  13. Replace extinguishers when necessary.
  14. Create escape plans in case of fire. Practice at least twice a year!
  15. Choose a meeting place in case of fire or other hazards.
  16. If you live in a two-story house, buy a rescue ladder.
  17. Make sure all hazardous chemicals are locked away from children
  18. Install window guards on every window (small children in the home)
    19 Install safety gates (small children in the house)
  19. Proper store and lock up guns
  20. Check pool enclosures
  21. Make sure children know how to dial 911
  22. Install sturdy deadbolt lock on doors
  23. Advertise home security system even if you do not have one
  24. Examine landscape (burglars like to hide in shrubs near the house)
  25. Use a metal bar or solid wood dowel for sliding glass doors
  26. Install motion-sensing floodlights
  27. Check for flashlights and replace batteries as needed
  28. Add night lights to the top and bottom of stairways
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