Holiday Safety Tips

Keeping Your Pets Safe

Thanksgiving means a few things for pets. House full of guests, traveling, or home alone. Be sure you are preparing now for your pets during the holiday.

There are also some hazards and risks during this time. We have put together some helpful links to provide the best resources for keeping pets safe during the holiday.

Family Feast and Pets

Some foods can be poison for pets or can result in health risks. Reduce the risk of your pet, eating the wrong thing during the family feast.

Pet and Guest Anxiety

Keep your pets safe from guests and anxiety. Not all pets greet guests with joy. There are tips you can do to help reduce your pet’s stress.

Travel Concerns

Sometimes you have to take pets with you for a holiday. Learn how you can travel with your pet safely.

Home Alone Pets

Sometimes we have to leave them behind. Do not leave pets to fend for themselves, including cats! Find out what options are available and will work for you and your pets.

AVMA Thanksgiving Pet Safety –

Banfield Pet Hospital –

Pet Poison Helpline –

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