Focus on Gratitude

Focus on Gratitude


I am not a fan of people saying, “Well, it could be worse” or “Some people have it worse than you do.” In my opinion, it is an insensitive approached to showing empathy towards another. Some struggle more than others based on different events.

It is our job to help ourselves heal, and we are the only person that can work through this process. Gratitude is part of the process to be thankful for things we are happy we have or grateful for what is still there. The purpose of appreciation isn’t to compare our situation or make us feel guilty. It is to help us refocus on things that we can still be grateful for.

For example, I went through an arduous grieving process when my cat Mr. Sully passed away. It has been over a year, and I still feel the pain from his loss. At the same time, to help me balance my pain, I tell myself to be grateful for my other two cats. I am thankful that I took in my ragdoll before Sully died. Buddy was later adopted to keep Sweetheart company.

Both my cats cannot replace my pain for Sully; however, they give me a reason to smile and be thankful I am not without the company of another feline.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our pain we forget others are depending on us. We must step back from time to time and remember things that we still have.

Try this

Think of at least ten things you are thankful for.

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