Deep Clean the Office

Keeping a clean working space

This can apply to the home office or work. Office space, if used regularly, needs deep cleaning. I have two offices, not including my husband. I let him maintain his own office.

I have found that the office space ends up being the most cluttered part of my house. The organization is a crucial significant factor in keeping up a clean office.

The first step is de-clutter and organize

1. Make sure everything has a place

2. File all papers in the appropriate folder and cabinet

3. Remove items from the desk that is not used regularly

4. Store office supplies in drawers or hanging pockets

5. Organize and re-arrange drawers and shelves

Clean it Up

1. Dust and wipe down bookshelves, furniture, doors, light fixtures, handles, and doorknobs

2. Sanitize and wipe down keyboard, mouse, and phone

3. Wipe down equipment (monitor, printer, and other electronics)

4. Remove window treatment (wash), wipe down blinds and windows

5. Wipe down chairs

Final Touch

1. Vacuum/mop/sweep/shampoo floor

2. Dust baseboard and trimming

3. Vacuum fabric chairs

Some keynotes: I always clean my office at work on Friday. It is the day we slack the most because it is Friday, so it is an excellent time to tidy up and wipe everything down, so when we return on Monday, everything is organized and ready for the week. I typically do my calendar planning on Monday so that everything is fresh what I have happened that week.

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