Deep Clean the Bedrooms

Keep a clean bedroom

I don’t mind the bedroom, but the closet is another story. Both need our monthly attention to prevent extreme clutter buildup and healthy night sleep. So today, we are focusing on deep cleaning bedrooms/master bedroom/guest bedroom / and closets attached to all rooms.

The Closet

1. De-clutter by removing anything and everything that does not need to be there

2. Consider storing out of season clothing and shoes elsewhere

3. Remove linen that is not being used

4. Re-organize how you are storing your clothing, shoes, and other items in the closet

5. Make the closet functional for daily/weekly use


1. Wipe down doors, knobs, handles, shelves, and windows

2. Dust baseboards and trimming

3. Vacuum/mop/sweep/shampoo the floor

Make sure everything has a place!

The Bedroom

1. De-clutter and organize (drawers)

2. Get rid of things not being used or worn

3. Re-organize how you arrange your room

Getting it Clean

1. Remove all linen and bedding

2. Deep clean the mattress (I have a steamer, so I steam mine)

3. Wash pillows

4. Remove window treatment and wash/iron

5. Polish/dust/wipe all surfaces, woodwork, furniture, and door

6. Shine up the window and dust/wipe the blinds

7. Vacuum wipe off trimming, baseboard, and corner clean carpet area

8. Vacuum/mop/sweep/shampoo the floor/rug

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