Butterfly Effect

Transforming Life Pain

Let us focus on the past, present, and future of how our life can be transformed.

The Caterpillar Life: During the caterpillar stage, we are wandering through life, trying to prepare for the transformation of becoming a butterfly. Sometimes we go through some rough stuff before we get to the final step. The caterpillar life is events that caused us stress or pain.

The Cocoon Stage: During this stage, we are working through the process of pain, rejection, failure, and trauma. This process focuses on the actions and choices we make. The purpose is to discover how we can transform the situation so we can move on to the next stage in life.

The Butterfly (Final Transformation): When we work through our pain, rejection, failure, and trauma, we go through a transformation and become butterflies. It is essential to acknowledge when we become butterflies to remember how strong we are and how many times we have survived some rough times.

Try this project

Pick a past, current, and future events and work through the Butterfly Effect. Define how you will work through the process or ideas on how to work through future events.

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